Services to Make Your Flight Stress-Free

The Bahama Pilots Association is dedicated to helping make your trip to the Bahamas as easy and convenient as possible, so your trip is the fun, giving you and your passengers peace of mind.

Look below to learn more about our Runway Assistance Program.


Runway Assistance Program

With our membership and equipment. We can fly out to assist you if your airplane has a minor mechanical problem in the Bahamas where there no FBOs or A&Ps.


We would fly an A&P out to your location to assist you with minor issues such as flat tire, fouled plug or dead battery.  

The following restrictions apply:

  • No same day service. 

  • It must be day VFR for us to fly out to the broken airplane.

  • You must be with 300 nm of Miami.

  • You must be a member and on a trip using our equipment. 

  • The cost of this for members will be $850.

  • We do not fly the crew or passengers back.  (We are not licensed to operate an aircraft charter.)

  • We can help you arrange travel if your aircraft can be repaired.

  • Any additional fees we incur, such as work permits, overnight stays. Will need to be paid by the aircraft owned.


Did you know you are far more likely to have a minor mechanical issue that could cost thousands of dollars, then you are to have to make a forced landing in the water?