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Survival Equipment for Flying to the Bahamas

The Bahama Pilots Association is dedicated to helping make your trip to the Bahamas as safe and convenient as possible, providing you and your passengers Peace of Mind. One way to this is by providing you Personal Locator Beacon for your trip

Click the button to enroll. Or read further to learn about our PLBs.

 With over 6000 rescues by SPOT, you can know help is on the way.


Have a life-threatening emergency? The S.O.S. button sends you exact GPS location to the Search & Rescue center. With the built in 2-way satellite messaging, you get direct text messaging back and forth about the nature of your emergency, and receive confirmation that help is on the way.

SPOT X 2-way satellite messaging allows you to stay connected to family, friends and colleagues even when  you’re outside of range of cellular and wifi. You can also turn on GPS tracking to share your location  via a private URL or post it to social media.

Spot X Personal Locator Beacon

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