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Kits and services for Members & Non-Members

Fragmented - can best describes how it can feel to plan a trip to the Bahamas ... eApis, survival equipment, PLB, cell phone coverage, Bahamas Customs, US Customs, where to get fuel, international flight plans, maintenance problems on the trip. With us there is only one step. When do you want to go? We do the rest. And we are here to support your the entire trip.

Whether it's your first trip or hundred, we'll make your next trip easier, more convenient, and safer than ever before!

Our membership not only provides peace of mind, but  you'll also get discounts and benefits:

  • (2) Inflatable PFD/Life vests (additional vests available)

  • (1) 4-6 Man Life Raft

  • (1) Personal Locator Beacon with 2 way satellite text messaging and GPS tracking.

  • We will do all of your eApis filings for you. You don't even need an eApis account.

  • We will fit out and print your Bahamas Customs paperwork. You just hand it to them when you land.

  • Runway Assistance: we can help you with minor maintenance while you are in the Bahamas. We can even bring an A&P to you

  • We will meet at the airport with everything you need. And meet you when you return.

  • We will  give you phone support to help you with flight planning, selecting airports and filing your international flight plan.

  • COMING SOON! ForeFlight Content Packs for your trip.  Your ForeFlight Contents will provide:

    • Detailed checklists on entering and exiting the US and Bahamas

    • Frequently used frequencies and phone numbers for your trip and a location

    • Specific details about your island destination

    • Geo-referenced images and data on everything from shipwrecks, crashed airplanes, runways and local island features




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