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Our membership, not only provides peace of mind, but  you'll also get amazing discounts and benefits:

Haven't been to the Bahamas before? Perfect!! Let us take care of the details and make your first trip as easy as possible.

If you have been before, we'll make your next trip easier, more convenient, and safer then ever before!

  • We will meet you at a South Florida airport with everything you need for your trip. We can save you as much as $2.00/gallon on gas.

  • We have your back! Have a question? Have a minor maintenance issue? We will be there; even when there is no cellular or wifi! We will, in some cases, fly out with an A&P.

  • We help you with flight planning .... routing, weather, and airport selection; and we continue to watch the weather while you are on your trip.

  • We help you file all your international flight plans.

  • We provide inflatable PFD/Life vests. The slim profile is very comfortable and less likely to obstruct your range of motion while flying. 

  • We provide you a 4-6 man Life Raft weighting only 12 lbs.

  • We provide a Personal Locator Beacon that provided S.O.S signaling, Satellite two-way text messaging and tracking.

  • We will complete your eApis, and give you free use of an eApis app.

  • We will have your Bahamas entry paper work filled out for you - you just hand it to them when you arrive in the Bahamas. 

  • We will provide you with ForeFlight contents for your trip. You'll have all the details about your island destination inside your ForeFlight. Along with geo reference images to local places.

  • Your ForeFlight contents will give you detail checklists on entering and exiting the US and Bahamas. Along with all the frequencies and phone numbers.

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