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"The Basics" Checklist for Flying to the Bahamas

The Bahama Pilots Association is dedicated to helping make your trip to the Bahamas as safe and convenient as possible. We give you and your passengers Peace of Mind.
Preparing for your trip can seem overwhelming and complicated; let us take the guess-work out of planning so you can focus on more important things - like life's next big adventure! 
Let us do all the work, while you do the flying! We take care of everything from survival equipment to customs paperwork and flight planning. We can even save you money on gas! We are here to support you throughout your trip while you fly to islands!
Contact us today for more information!

Aircraft Documentation

  1. You will need the Aircraft Registration Certificate. Temporary Registration Certificates and "Pink slips"are not valid for international flights;

  2. Aircraft Airworthiness Certificate. If you have other than a standard airworthiness certificate, you will need a permit;

  3. Radio Station License;

  4. The POH/Aircraft operating limitations;

  5. Weight and balance information;

  6. Aircraft logbooks are optional; and

  7. Letter of Authorization if the aircraft is not registered in the pilot's name. 

Pilot Documentation:

  1. Pilot's License

  2. Current Medical Certificate or Basic Med

  3. Radiotelephone Operator Permit 

Heading to the Bahamas from the US

  1. Make sure you have passports for everyone, and a US Customs aircraft decal or the receipt from purchasing one.

  2. File your flight plan to an AOE in the Bahamas.

  3. Ensure you have your eApis confirmation number. Your eApis must be filed at least one hour prior to departure.

  4. You must have Coast Guard-approved life jackets for each person on board. The pilot and front passenger should wear their vest at all times. A life raft and Personal Locator Beacon are really best!

  5. Open your VFR flight plan on  Palm Beach 122.40 - Miami/Fort Lauderdale 122.20 - Fort Pierce 122.55

   6. Get flight following from Approach Control.

   7. ENJOY your flight to your first stop.

   8. Prior to landing, close your flight plan on 124.2 or 128.0  (Nassau Radio). If unable to close in the air or call WX-BRIEF           or (242) 377- 7116 when you land.

   9. Have your passports for Bahamas Customs. Bring your bags in with you. Customs Processing Fee: $50.00 per Aircraft

  10. Be cooperative with Customs & Immigration!!! They’ll be happy to help.

Coming back to the US.

  1. File your International Flight Plan ((800) WX-BRIEF) flight plan back to a US AOE. 

  2. File a notice of arrival and traveler manifest info through eAPIS or other CBP App. Call the Customs office at the US AOE to tell them you are returning. They will give you a 2 letter identifier. Write it down. 

  3. You must depart the Bahamas from a Bahamas AOE airport. Bahamas Customs will need you to return your travel permit and immigration card. You must pay a $29 per person exit fee.

  4. Activate Flight Plan with Nassau or Freeport Radio Nassau 124.2, 128.0. 

  5. If unable, use Miami Radio 126.7 or see U.S. section.

  6. VFR flights must receive a discrete transponder code from Miami Radio. You must Radio 15 minutes before penetrating the ADIZ, just past Bimini. Flight Service is responsible for opening and activating your flight plan, not Approach Control.

  7.  Land at your chosen US Airport of Entry.

  8.  Take all baggage and proceed directly to Customs.

  9. Close your VFR flight (800) WX-BRIEF

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