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Bahama Pilots Association

We make flying to the Bahamas easy! We do the have the fun!

We are dedicated to making flying to the Bahamas easy, safe and stress-free! Simply tell us when you want to fly your plane to the Bahamas, and we'll take care of the rest. We will meet at your airplane with everything ready for you. 


We will arrange to have life vests, a life raft and a satellite personal locator beacon with two-way communicator waiting for you. We can do all eApis customs paperwork and flight planning for you. We can have all of your Bahamas customs paperwork printed and ready. Then we will meet you at a local South Florida airport to hand you everything you need and answer all your questions before your flight. We also create and give you ForeFlight content for your Bahamas trip.  Plus, we can save you as much as $2.00/gallon on gas over other area airports. Tell us when you will be back; we will meet you to pickup the rental equipment. 


We will be standing by while you are on your trip to answer any questions or troubleshoot challenges.  If you have a problem in a location without cellular or wifi, no problem! Just drop us a message via satellite.  

Best of all, if you experience a dead battery, flat tire or other minor maintenance issue in the Bahamas where there is no one to help, we'll have your back and be ready to assist you with our Runway Assistance Program.

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