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We are dedicated to making flying to the Bahamas easy, safe and stress-free!  We'll provide you a custom ground boot camp session for your piston, twin or turboprop via video or phone. We'll explain all the procedures, airspace and paperwork. Help you pick the best route considering customs, fuel, weather and destination(s). Plus, we can help you select a south Florida FBO that will save you as much as $2.00/gallon on Avgas.

We can help you arrange to have a live raft and vest waiting for you at most south Florida FBOs. When you come back; your  rental equipment can be pick at your south Florida AOE airport.

We will be standing by while you are on your trip to answer any questions or troubleshoot challenges.

Best of all, if you experience a dead battery, flat tire or other minor maintenance issue in the Bahamas, we'll be ready to help get assistance.

Contact us for bookings and more information

Miami, FL, USA

786-505-2982 (text)

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