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Bahama Pilots Association was founded in Miami Florida by Jim Peden, a life-long pilot, and CFII for 30 years. The Bahama Pilots Association strives to serve the community of pilots with an interest in traveling between the United States and the islands of the Bahamas.  We provide the knowledge and tools to enable pilots to safely and conveniently embark on adventures in their own airplane to any or all of the Bahama Islands.



 Jim grew up spending time at his father’s flight school on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, where he got hooked on flying. He and his father spent countless weekends flying out to the Chandeleur Islands, long before it was a wildlife refuge, where they would land on the island's sand beaches and spend time fishing and camping.  After moving out west, Jim would spend time flying to Mexico and down to the Sea of Cortez.  Now based in Miami, Jim has over a 1000 hours  flying in the Bahamas. Jim has taken his love of island flying a step further, founding the Bahama Pilots Association in order to help share his knowledge and love of island flying. 

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